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Olfactory Fragrance Pyramid: Know your Fragrance Longevity

Fragrance Pyramid Longevity
Fragrance Pyramid Longevity


The Olfactory Nerve is also known as the first cranial nerve. It is a sensory nerve that functions for the sense of smell and constitutes to most important part in our body whenever someone comes in contact of any fragrance. The structure and architecture of any perfume is formed by the Olfactory Pyramid. It is divided into three levels, each of which corresponds to the strength of the various notes present. These notes will bring your perfume to life in different ways throughout the day.

Let’s dive into know your perfume a little better:

Just like music, fragrances are made up of different notes. By understanding your fragrance notes, you’ll be able to find the perfect fragrance every time for yourself.

Notes in perfumery are descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon the application of a perfume. These scents are split into three distinct elements:

  • Head Notes

  • Heart Notes

  • Base Notes

Together, the head, heart and base notes work together to create a magical fragrance.

Head Notes:

  • Highly volatile.

  • Provides initial spark to lure you.

  • Has a powerful impact on the wearer.

  • These aromas are described as fresh, assertive and sharp which include citrus elements (bergamot, lemon, orange zest), light fruits (anise, berries, grapefruit) and fresh herbs (basil, sage, lavender).

Heart Notes:

  • Moderately volatile.

  • Most Important note as it constitute 70% of the final fragrance.

  • Essence starts to make its appearance felt after the head note starts to dissipate.

  • Fragrance typically has spicy, woody, and floral notes because of this scents such as cinnamon, rose, lemongrass and neroli are common recognizable heart notes.

Base Notes:

  • Very less volatile, Long Lasting.

  • Offers depth and solidity to a perfume, can lasts really long for few scents i.e. more than 12hrs.

  • Forms the foundation for perfume.

  • Common base notes include cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and musk.