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Parijat Attar


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Name: Parijat Attar


Botanical Name: Nyctanthes arbortristis


Place of Origin: Parijat attar, also known as Harsringar attar is extracted from the flowers of night-blooming jasmine. Also known by common names like, hengra bubar or Shiuli, this flower has a characteristic smell which has the capacity to fill the entire place. The aroma has a lingering effect. Harsingar is native to the Southeast Asian countries, including India.


None in Indian subcontinent remains shadowed by the symbolic and religious importance the flower holds. Because of the beautiful flowers, it is often the representative of the elegance, piety and chastity of a lady. Shiuli flowers are the markers of Durga Puja festivity for bengalis. Nonetheless, the attar extracted from the flowers of Harsingar not only has that characteristic aroma but also the health benefits.


How does it smell: Characteristic, floral, rich and calming.


Base Material or Oil: Oud, Shamama, Sandalwood, Musk, Neroli


Medicinal Benefits: 

  • Acts as an Aphrodisiac.
  • Relief from Insomnia.
  • Beneficial in Gut related problems.
  • Helps in an Uplifting Mood.
  • Helps to calm down the agitated Nervous System.


Method of extraction: In order to retain the vitality of the special ingredients used to extract the attar, the traditional method of “Deg and Bhapka” more popularly known as “Steam Distillation” is used. In this method:

  • The flowers from the parijat trees are plucked. This is a task that requires skill, hence experienced workers are employed.
  • The flowers are then collected and taken into the distillery.
  • The flowers are soaked in water for some time and then transported into copper stools called Degs.
  • The next step is to seal the Degs to lock the steam from escaping.
  • The Deg is connected to a copper pot via a hollow bamboo pipe called chonga.
  • The Deg is now heated until steam starts to form.
  •  As the still is heated, the water molecules from the mixture start to evaporate and change into steam.
  • After a few hours, the distillate is condensed and then the mixture is connected to the setup.
  • The filtered liquid is emptied out in a copper utensil and again the same process is repeated. 
  • The attar extracted as a result of the second distillation is in the purest form. 


How to Apply: 

  • Take a small quantity of the attar and apply it on the inner side of the wrists. Then rub both the wrists against each other.
  • Apply on the inner side of each earlobe, then gently rub it.
  • These are the exterior pressure points of our body which allow the fragrance of attar to linger for a long time.


Why buy Parijat Attar online from Sugmy?

You can buy parijat attar online from Sugmy, as we manufacture natural Parijat Attar by using 100% pure, organic, and Alcohol-free raw material. We use the traditional ‘Deg and Bhapka‘ method for extracting attar which helps to retain the purity of the attar. We get the raw materials directly from farmers from different regions of India and other countries. By using this raw material we provide you one of the best attars in India.


5ml, 10ml

Precautions to be kept in mind:

– It is recommended to take a patch test before applying directly to the skin.
– Do not use it in excessive quantity.
– Do not use it on the area that is exposed to sunlight.


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