Lavender Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Lavandula


Parts used to make Essential Oil: Flower Petals


Distinctive Feature: Lavender belongs to a family of 47 different varieties of species. The beautiful and uniquely fragrant flower is a native to Old World. Lavender has its roots in the Bible with frequent mentions about the scent and the beauty of this flower. Lavender has a sweet purple color, which is a symbol of royalty and sobriety. But the flower in itself represents beauty, chastity, purity, and virtue. Lavender attracts human aesthetics but it repels some bugs like mosquitoes, moths, etc. Because of so many different varieties of features, lavender has bombed as one of the horticulturists’ favorites.


Preparation Method: 

  • Dewy petals are picked in the twilight. This is a task that requires skill, hence experienced workers are used to picking the nascent leaves.
  • The petals are then collected and taken into the distillery.
  • Petals are soaked in water for some time and then transported into copper stools called Degs 
  • The next step is to seal the Degs to lock the steam from escaping.
  • The Deg is connected to a copper pot via a hollow bamboo pipe called chonga.
  • The Deg is now heated until steam starts to form.
  • As the still is heated, the water molecules from nascent petals and water mixture starts to evaporate and change into steam.
  • After a few hours, the distillate is condensed, and then the mixture is connected to the setup.


Smell: Sweet, earthy, and fresh.


Medicinal Benefits:

  • Used as a tranquilizer.
  • Calms nervous system
  • Has ani septic properties
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Relieves anxiety
  • May provide relief from insomnia.


Why Buy Lavender Essential Oil Online from Sugmy?

You can buy lavender essential oil online from Sugmy, As we  manufacture natural Lavender Essential oil by using 100% pure, organic, and Alcohol free raw material. We use the traditional ‘Deg and Bhapka’ method for extracting attar which is proven to retain the purity of the essential oils. We get the raw materials directly from farmers from different regions of India and other countries. By using this raw material we provide you one of the best essential oils in India.

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2 reviews for Lavender Essential Oil

  1. Sanaya

    This product removes my pimple and scars in 5days

  2. Payal

    I like this product. I sprinkle 2-3 drops on my pillow before sleeping and it provides me a good sleep.

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