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Kewra Attar


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Kewra Attar is produced from the flower of the Pandanus odoratissimus plant. This plant is native to South Asia and Australia. It has antioxidant properties that help to fight Cancer.


How does it smell like?

This attar has a sweet and floral aroma. Which makes it perfect for making perfumes.


Blending properties:

This attar blends well with jasmine attar, geranium essential oil, and lemongrass essential oil.



  • Medicine: It is widely used in making medicines for cancer and many other diseases.
  • Perfumery: It is used as a base note in many perfumes.
  • Relaxation: This attar provides relief from stress and promotes relaxation.


How is it extracted?

Kewra Attar is extracted from the flower of the Pandanus odoratissimus plant by the process of the steam distillation method. These flowers are sent directly for the distillation as once they are plucked they start losing their fragrance so for the best fragrance they are sent directly for distillation.


Precautions of using:

  • It is recommended to take a patch test before applying directly to the skin.
  • Do not use it in excessive quantity.
  • Do not use it on the area that is exposed to sunlight.


Why buy kewra attar online from Sugmy?

We at Sugmy Fragrances manufacture natural kewra attar by using 100% pure, organic, and Alcohol-free raw material. We get these raw materials directly from farmers in different regions of India and other countries. By using this raw material we provide you one of the best attars in India.



5ml, 10ml

How to Apply:

– Take a small quantity of the attar and apply it on the inner side of wrists. Then rub both the wrists against each other.
– Apply on the inner side of each earlobe, then gently rub it.
– These are the exterior pressure points of our body which allow the fragrance of attar to linger for a long time.

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