Jannat ul Firdaus Attar

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Place of Origin : The name Jannat ul Firdaus is an Arabic name, which means the garden of paradise.

How Jannat ul Firdaus Attar is Extracted? :

Jannatul Firdaus Attar is obtained from the plant family of Myrtle by the process of the water distillation method. This attar is well known for its long-lasting musky and wild fragrance.

This attar is commonly used by both men and women. its fragrance has the essence of lotus, jasmine, rose, and herbal notes.


Why buy Jannatul Firdaus Attar online from sugmy?

We at Sugmy Fragrances manufacture natural Jannatul Firdaus attar by using 100% pure, organic, and Alcohol-free raw material. We get these raw materials directly from farmers in different regions of India and other countries. By using this raw material we provide you one of the best attars in India.

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5ml, 10ml

Precautions of using:

– It is recommended to take a patch test before applying directly to the skin.
– Do not use it in excessive quantity.
– Do not use it on the area that is exposed to sunlight.

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  1. Sanjay Singh

    Amazing long-lasting Arabian attar…
    must try this..

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