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Place of Origin:
The plants is a native of Mexico- Venezuela as well tropical regions of India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. The flowering trees belong to family Plumeria with a variety of species. These trees have a long shelf life and are quite sturdy. The flowers produced by these trees are revered in India and used in temples as offerings to God, especially to Lord Krishna. The scent is heavenly and very pure! These trees are often seen planted in the periphery of temples in India. The pleasant yellow and white colour combination of the flowers serve to highlight the beauty of these flowers. Also known by the local name “Champa” or “Pagoda Tree”, the flowers hold a symbolic value within them, be it the emotion of love or virtue of the beloved. Frangipani flowers are being used in Indian households as medicinal plant from ages unknown.

Frangipani received its name from a perfume invented by the Marquis Frangipani, Marechal des Armees of Louis XIII of France. It was composed of every spice known until Plumeria (Frangipani) was discovered. The scent of Frangipani was the perfect perfume, a million times better than all other scents put together. Henceforth, the perfume was made from Frangipani and the tree was named after the Marquis.

How does it smell?
Sweet, aromatic and quite persistant.

Method of Extraction:
To preserve the purity of the Frangipani flowers, the traditional ‘Deg and Bhapka’ is generally employed. In this method: • The flowers are plucked in early morning before the sunrise by experienced farmers or collectors and they take them to the distillery nearby. • The copper pot or deg are sealed using a mixture of clay and cotton. • The deg is connected by a bamboo pipe (referred as Chonga) to a copper receiver (Bhapka) and a water tank. • Once done, a fire is lit and the pot heated. • After few hours the first distillate is condensed and the liquid is connected. • The liquid is transferred to an empty copper pot and distilled again. • In the 2nd distillation the true attar is extracted.

Medicinal Benefits:

• Frangipani Attar provides relief from headache, inflammation, tinnitus and back pain.

• The attar is well-known for its moisturizing effect. Due to this affect on skin application, it is used to soothe cracked and dry skin and further to make the skin soft.

• It relaxes muscles and nerves and exhibits astringent properties.


Precautions to be kept in mind:

• It is recommended to take a patch test before applying directly to the skin.

• Do not use it in excessive quantity.

• Do not use it on the area that is exposed to sunlight.

Why buy Frangipani attar online from Sugmy?

We at Sugmy Fragrances manufacture natural Frangipani attar by using 100% pure, organic, and Alcohol-free raw material. We use the traditional ‘Deg and Bhapka’ method for extracting attar which helps to retain the purity of the attar. We get the raw materials directly from farmers from different regions of India and other countries. By using this raw material we provide you one of the best attars in

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10ml, 5ml

How to Apply:

– Take a small quantity of the attar and apply it on the inner side of wrists. Then rub both the wrists against each other.
– Apply on the inner side of each earlobe, then gently rub it.
– These are the exterior pressure points of our body which allow the fragrance of attar to linger for a long time.

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    Best attar

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    I love the smell of this attar

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