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The word ‘Aromatherapy’ means Therapy through Aroma with specifying the source of the Aroma, Aromatherapy is truly Holistic therapy taking Account of mind body and spirit of the person’s seeking help, as well as there life style, eating patterns ,relationship. Aromatherapy has its roots in the most ancient healing practices of living kinds, the plants from which we derive essential oil has been used for thousands of years before the technique of distilling oil was discovered. In ancient age, man associated bad smell with this favour of the God’ s illness and disease A healthy person had a clean and fresh odour.

How Aromatherapy works

The roots through which essential oil react with body and its metabolism are called pathways the most important pathway ,in terms of its profound effect on the body is through the sense of smell. When we smell essential oils, the vapours stimulates, small hair like extension of our olfactory nerve. The olfactory nerve is the only nerve in the body that directly contracts the external environment and goes all the way to the brain. Our research has shown that when they are applied to the skin or inhaled, essential oil are absorbed into the blood stream metabolised in the body, similar to other substances. Many essential oils posses significant anti-microbial properties in vapour form.

Chemistry Behind Aromatherapy:

Under the influence of hallucinogenic drug, such as, LSD the senses often become confused. One can ‘hear’, ‘taste’,  ‘smell’ colours, or see music. Obviously there is some correlation between colour, odour and sound. All three have healing potential which could possibly be combined

Another modern theory of odour perception relates to the shape of odoriferous molecules. It has been demonstrated that round molecules smell camphoraceous, disc shaped molecules have a floral odour and wedges smell similar to peppermint. This does not contradict the vibrational theory,  and they may eventually prove to be two aspect of the same phenomenon. Shape is also a product of vibration, as well as order, colour and sound.

Every Object has subtle vibration, which produces and dictates its shape, order, colour or sound. A sensitive person can detect this vibration directly, without the need of external senses.

Essential Oil in Aromatherapy:

Essential Oils are natural, organic substances. They are part of plant and yet a separate substance from the rest of the plant. As long as they are kept in proper conditions after distillation they will not lose their organic quality and hence their therapeutic value. Although the properties of essential oils do represent herbs to a large degree, the oil may not contain all the chemical constituents of the herbs but its vibration is similar and it usually turns out to have the same properties. The Oil is not the herb but it speaks for the herb and has the same personality. The oil as its name implies, is more concentrated and subtle than the herb, it acts on higher level and has more pronounced emotional effect.

Why Natural Oil?

Which fragrance is good, natural or synthetic? The answer is natural. Why? Synthetic or inorganic substances to not contain any life ‘force’; they are not dynamic.

Organic substances are those which are found in nature like essential oils. Organic also means ‘structural’, something which is characterized by systematic coordination of parts in one whole. Nature has a structure which cannot be duplicated artificially. We can synthesis chemicals, but we can not structure them to make something organic. That’s why at Sugmy all the Products like Natural Perfume, Attar, Essential oil are absolutely natural, herbal and organic.